21. Residential Context of Health

Working Group Coordinators

Emma Baker emma.baker@adelaide.edu.au
School of Architecture & Built Environment, University of Adelaide, Australia

Terry Hartig terry.hartig@ibf.uu.se
Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University, Sweden

Description of the Working Group

The concerns of the WG extend beyond those traditionally addressed in the housing-and-health field, namely, connections between physical health outcomes and physical characteristics of housing. In addition to such connections, the WG also takes interest in the role of psychological, social and cultural factors in shaping relations between the residential context, including housing, and health more broadly conceived.

Plans for the Workshop in Uppsala

Suitable papers would fit with a variety of themes, such as the effect of physical housing variables on mental and physical health; the role of behavioral, social, and cultural factors in shaping relations between housing and health; the ways in which housing policy can be coordinated with other social welfare policies to more effectively pursue public health objectives; universal design and other strategies for mitigating effects of individual’s functional limitations in the residential context; the delivery of health care services in the home; and gardens, nearby parks and urban green spaces as health resources.