19. Private Rented Markets

Working Group Coordinators

Aideen Hayden aideenhayden@gmail.com
University College Dublin, Ireland

Paddy Gray pf.gray@ulster.ac.uk
School of the Built Environment, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Description of the Working Group

The Private Rented Markets working group provide the opportunity to present papers and to engage in stimulating and challenging discussion on the role and contribution of private rented housing markets. Private renting has emerged in this recent decade as a tenure of expansion. The working group examines private renting as a distinct element within the housing market and its intersection with other aspects of the market. Research themes include:

  • Characteristics of rental markets in Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific
  • The interface of tenures, homeownership, private renting and social renting
  • The regulation of Private Rented Markets
  • Supply and financing of Private Rented Housing
  • Private rented housing as a means of social inclusion and promoting social mix
  • Emerging private rented markets
  • Private Rented Markets and mixed tenure housing
  • Informal rental markets, challenges presented by licencing, sharing, student housing
  • Low income households and private rented markets
  • New immigrant communities and private rented accommodation
  • The role of private rented markets and homelessness
  • Dispute resolution between landlords and tenants
  • Quality, standards, management and affordability of private rented dwellings
  • Landlord behaviour and decision-making

Plans for the Workshop in Uppsala

In line with this year’s conference the working group particularly welcomes papers on the role of private rented housing in accentuating segregation or promoting inclusion, the role of the sector in respect of migrant communities and themes in respect of the sector and densification.