13. Housing Market Dynamics

This is a special workshop not sponsored by an ENHR Working Group.

Workshop Contact Persons

Richard Turkington richardturkington@housingvision.co.uk
Housing Vision Limited, UK

Peter Boelhouwer P.J.Boelhouwer@tudelft.nl
OTB, University of Delft, The Netherlands

Plans for the Workshop in Uppsala

Our well-established Workshop welcomes papers which address both the main theme of the conference and more general questions relating to housing market dynamics including for example

  • the impact on housing markets of increasing residential densities in urban areas;
  • the challenge of housing distinct new groups, including through migration; and
  • continuing problems of meeting housing shortage in high demand urban areas

In all cases we would welcome papers which examine policy responses and their impact.

This is a highly participative workshop, and all colleagues - at whatever stage of their work - are warmly welcomed to join us.