10. Housing Finance

Working Group Coordinators

Andreja Cirman andreja.cirman@ef.uni-lj.si
Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Michael Voigtländer voigtlaender@iwkoeln.de
Institut der Deutschen Wirtshaft, Köln, Germany

Description of the Working Group

The central themes of the Working Group are as follows:

  • to initiate and stimulate research in housing finance: mortgage systems, mortgage loan types, debt, developer finance, risk management; regulation and government involvement;
  • to support the publication of research analyses and findings;
  • to ensure an effective network among researchers; and
  • to support the dissemination of knowledge about housing finance, mortgage systems, policy change and market development.

Plans for the Workshop in Uppsala

We welcome contributions related to the topics indicated in the description of the Working Group.